Thursday, 8 January 2015

The magic of beginnings

 Hi everyone! I hope you had a great start of 2015! As I am writing to you right now, I'm making a retrospective of 2014, remembering my moments of success, my realized plans, the fears that I overcame, the friends and the family who supported me through all my decisions this year. The New Year is not for new resolutions, but for new solutions to any obstacle that may occur on your way. So what better start of the year, than a glamorous outfit perfect for a night at the opera or theatre, and also appropriate for this freezing weather. The look I was wearing resembles me with a stylish russian lady, as these kind of outfits are mostly worn by them. With the help of my favorite bright red long skirt and the warm beige fur I created an elegant outfit and finished it with beautiful details as the jewelled belt and gloves with an interesting cut. Adela and I thought that a to do list is a must for the beginning of the year, because we want to see the list at the end of the year and realise we can achieve any goal aims.

Check out our list:

  • A bad habit I'm going to break:
  • D: I will stop wasting my time with useless things and people with bad intentions. Therefore, I will start saying No more often.
    A: As a Scorpio, I have the bad habit of always judging, but this year I'll work on my indulgence and patience.

  • A new skill I'd like to learn:
  • D: To ride a horse
    A: I wish to learn how to surf.

  • A person I hope to be more like: 
  • D: My mother. I wish I could offer that much amount of love that she is capable of. 
    A: My mother : I swear I don't know how she does everything on time.

  • A place I'd like to visit: 
  • D: America - California 
    A: One of my good friends moved to Dubai and I plan on visiting this year.

  • A book I'd like to read: 
  • D: I guess I will start with the books I haven't finished in 2014 and then continue with the biographies of the world's greatest designers. 
    A: On the recommendation of a friend, one of the book that I'll read this year is "The picture of Dorian Grey" by Oscar Wilde.

  • A letter I'm going to write: 
  • D: A letter to myself when I will turn 30.
    A: I'll write a letter of gratitude and thank you to my amazing parents.

  • A new food I'd like to try:
  • D:  Thai food
    A:  Caribbean.

  • I'm going to do better at: 
  • D: I will start working out more often for a healthy life and a fit body, and also improve my blogging skills.
    A: Blogging 

    You can fill yours and share with us your answers in the comments below. Thank you for the support that you gave us the previous year and we promise you we will keep posting original stylish outfits that will give you the right inspiration for every occasion.
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    I was wearing:
    Long red skirt: Nissa
    Beige fur, blouse and jewelled belt: ZARA
    Gloves: Mango
    Lipstick: MAC Russian Red 

    Photo credit: Adriana Delia Bărar

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