Saturday, 14 March 2015

London Fashion Week

Hey darlings, how have you been ? Did you have a productive start to this year ? Can you believe it's March already ? When did time pass ? I hope you've been busy !! I know that the fashion crowd was..All the awards, premieres and fashion weeks, it has been a hell of a start to 2015! It is just me or does Fashion Month bring out the best in people?! I've seen some breathtaking, inspiring and carefully chosen outfits this season. Unfortunately, because all good things come to an end, Fashion Month is officially over. As sad as that is, a little break feels just right. Fun and fancy might be the way to characterise it at start, however, truth be told, Fashion Month is also overwhelming. Shows all day long and parties every night might sound like heaven, but after a while, reality hits you with its dizziness and dark circles. We should officially declare the following month as  "the month of sleep"! 

Be that as it may, I am grateful for all the fun I had and people I met which grew into friends. Speaking of friends, I ran into Silviu at Somerset House in one of the days and it was great pleasure  taking the following pictures with him. What do you think? 

Being as lucky as one can be, this season I worked backstage at Kristian Aadnevik, which was extraordinary ! Working side by side with two of my friends might have given a certain spark to the job but that was not all. I mean, have you seen the collection ? It is gorgeous ! Not to mention the location,The Royal Horseguards Hotel, which is incredible.

With all the fashion month frenzy over, I'm waiting with great excitement for Spring to come. It is just so beautiful and enjoyable to walk on the streets of London in warm weather and take in all the incredible views. Because, let's admit, London has some amazing views and architecture. I believe that you can visit it for years and still discover new things with every step.



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